So you want to have a custom bike built, yet you have some question marks about the process up till the delivery of your bike. Here I will try to clarify these questions:

Upon our initial meeting we discuss the details of your project, I clarify the technical issues you may have in mind, try to understand your requirements from your bike and make sure it is within my capability. When all these seem fine, I will have to fix you in que. At this point we agree roughly on the type, the basic specs of the bike, start and delivery date as well as the budget of the project. Yet I do not start the detailed design until our agreed date.

Until then, your homework will be having a professional fitting done, if you are not sure of your fit already. When our agreed date approaches, I will contact you to start with the design of your bike; which is where we discuss your needs and demands down to the last detail and finalize them one by one. Occasionally, I may require some key components of your bike at this stage. By the end of the design I do share a 3D CAD view of your bike with you to give you a better idea. Upon agreement on the final design I begin building your frame, of which every step will be photographed and shared with you.